The following stories are “Courtesy of Texas Cultures Oral History Program”

 Archived at UTSA Libraries Special Collections

Adam and Eda Jane Bradford

Bill Kingston

Gilbert Rodriguez

Hannah Mahone

Loisteen Glimp Kearnry

Louis and Victor Nixon

Kitty Sue Menzies

John Winslow

N. H. Pierce

Stella Polk

Van Trimble (Carpenter)





The following is from Harvey H Sutton, B.A. Thesis for “Master of Arts Degree on History of Menard County”, August 1939.

The thesis was found in a used book store and the print is badly faded but did transcribe a few stories

Annie L. Patton

M. B. Menard

Captain Renry McKavett

J. T. (Joe) Callan

M. M. Nelson

Richard Robertson Russell

Trail Boss

William Menzies


MENARD PTA 1914 - 1953

  39 years of Menard PTA history, beginning over 100 years ago . The Menard Museum showed it as an interesting document and allowed it to be digitized. While reading associate it with the dates below:        

1918 WW I

1929 Depression Starts

1941 WW II

1945- 1952 Recovery


Menard Stories